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1. Introduction:
Manipuri Muslim (Meitei-Pangal) is socially, economically and educationally the most backward community in the state of Manipur. Muslims in Manipur contributes 8.8% of the total state population as per report of Census 2001. The literacy rate of the said community is only 50.1% while that of the state is 70.5%. In fact, the Muslim is one of the factors for low literacy rate of the state.

Though the Government of India has set up various programmes and schemes for welfare and upliftment of the minorities throughout the country, many of them doesn’t reach Manipur. On the other hand, most of the Muslims in Manipur are inhabited in rural areas. Socio-economic condition of the community is not sound; most of them are unable to get proper and quality education and they do not have the resources for tuitions, etc. To minimize the problem, the Department of Welfare of Minorities & Other Backward Classes, Government of Manipur has been organizing a Free Remedial Coaching Class for the standards from VI - X and XI - XII continuously since the Financial Year, 2005-06. The result of the students who imparts the said coaching was reasonably high in the High School and Higher Secondary Examinations since the coaching was introduced.

2. Main Objectives

The main objectives for which the Remedial Coaching is being organized are:-

  1. To improve the educational status of the minority Muslims.
  2. To motivate willingness for attaining higher study.
  3. To inspire the Minority Muslim students on the value of education in Modern Society.


The duration of the proposed Remedial Coaching Class will be 6 (six) Months comprising of 3 periods for 50 minutes.

4. Implementation of the Project:

The Coaching will be conducted in Schools/Colleges etc where essential facilities are available.
There shall be 2 tutor each for English & Mathematics and 1 tutor each for Physics, Chemistry & Biology for classes VI-X and 1 tutors each for English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, & Zoology, for classes XI-XII and will be appointed.
There shall also be 1 (one) Co-ordinator and 1 (one) Chawkidar in each Coaching Centres and 2 (two) Supervisors, 1(one) Computer Operator and 1(one) Peon at the Head office of MOBEDS as CASUAL STAFF.

5. Mode of selection of Tutors:

A Selection Committee will select tutors of the proposed Remedial Coaching after inviting applications through the local Print / Electronics Media from the interested educated unemployed youths of Manipur. The following will be the members of the Selection Committee:-

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